What is vaping?


Vaping is a term commonly used to describe the use of personal vaporisers and e-cigarette products. At the category level, they are often referred to as smoke-free products (SFPs).

SFPs are commonly used by smokers to help them quit smoking. They are used as nicotine replacement products because they replicate the look and feel of smoking while delivering nicotine without the toxic chemicals.

According to the CSIRO, SFPs do not produce smoke. And by not ingesting the smoke from burning tobacco, the biggest cancer risk is eliminated.

The lack of smoke means SFPs are also less harmful than cigarettes for smokers’ families and bystanders who are no longer forced to ingest second-hand smoke simply by virtue of being around a smoker.

The word, vaping, refers to the cloud (or vapor) produced by the use of an SFP.