Top 3 reasons for regular vape use... revealed!

Top 3 reasons for regular vape use... revealed!

The perceived benefit of reducing or quitting smoking is the main driving motivation to use nicotine vape products, according to a new research survey published in Addiction earlier this month.

The cross-sectional study involved 3,643 participants in the United States (n=1159), England (n=1269), Canada (n=964), and Australia (n=251) who reported ever using vaping products with nicotine on a daily/ weekly basis. These people were divided into four groups: smoking vapers (n=2,283), ex-smoking vapers (n=439), smoking ex-vapers (n=764) and ex-smoking ex-vapers (n=157).

The research survey identified the following as top reasons for regular vape:

  1. Helpful for cutting down smoking (86%)
  2. Less harmful to others (78%)
  3. Helpful for quitting smoking (77%)

Anti-vaping advocates would be disappointed to know that at no point did the results suggest vaping had any association with the desire to pick up smoking. This is yet another study that refutes the theory that vaping is a gateway to smoking.

Reasons for stopping regular vaping by smoking status[1]


Clearly, Australian vapers are aware of the health benefits of vaping. The problem is that the government is locking smokers out of the choice of less harmful products.

It’s time that policymakers in Australia pay attention to the growing evidence that vaping products are a less harmful option and an effective way to quit smoking.

We need to push for a change in legislation and catch up with countries like the United States and Canada.

Contact your local MP today to support legalising vaping.