Standing up for Men's Health

Standing up for Men's Health

Smoking is the biggest single cause of death among men in Australia.

Indeed, worldwide, it has killed more people than both World Wars put together! However, the good news is that these deaths can be prevented by getting men to quit smoking.

We all know the health costs associated with smoking cigarettes; whether it is the dangerous chemicals, the addictive properties, or the damage smoking causes to the lungs, the heart, and nearly every organ in the body. However, in particular for men, smoking can cause a low sperm count, increase the risk of erectile dysfunction and lead to premature ejaculation…Yikes.

Despite these hard truths, over fourteen per cent of Australian men still smoke today. Every year in Australia, nearly thirty per cent of smokers attempt to quit smoking but are unsuccessful.

This Men’s Health Week, the Australian Government should get serious about assisting those who are unable to quit cigarettes by transitioning to less harmful alternatives such as vaping.