Media Release: Six months of inaction... and waiting: it’s time to legalise vaping!

It’s been six months since a federal parliamentary report looking into e-cigarettes and personal vaporisers in Australia has been handed down and since then the government has done nothing, according to the grassroots organisation Legalise Vaping Australia.

Brian Marlow, Campaign Director for Legalise Vaping Australia, said: “The federal parliamentary committee handed down its report six months ago, and the federal government – consumed by in-fighting and self-interest – has done nothing about it.”

“Six whole months of inaction from the federal government is a slap in the face for the 250,000 people in Australia who have already converted from cigarettes to better alternatives, and it’s an even bigger slap in the face for the 3 million smokers who are denied the access to something the rest of the world has already embraced,” Mr Marlow said.

“Australia is lagging behind the rest of the world when it comes to legalising vaping. While the government has sat on its hands for 6 months, New Zealand has legalised vaping. While the government has sat on its hands for 6 months, Canada has legalised vaping. Even the Philippines has announced it’ll include vaping as part of its tobacco control strategy. The UK parliament – having already legalised vaping – has suggested a wider debate on how such products should be encouraged, including in public places and as cessation devices. What on earth are we waiting for?”

Mr Marlow said the government has already admitted it’ll fail to meet the target it set for itself in the 2008 National Drug Strategy to get smoking rates to under 10% by now.

“The government has thrown everything it can at the problem of tobacco smoking. We have the strictest regulations in the world, and not only has smoking rates not reduced for the last 5 years, we’ve seen this week the spend on tobacco purchases has increased,” Mr Marlow said.

“Yet a clear formula exists to get smokers off the most dangerous form of their nicotine addiction: and that’s to legalise vaping. In the UK alone, 20,000 people a year quit cigarettes thanks to the availability of vaping products. Why is the Australian government taking its sweet time?”

“This isn’t rocket science, it’s just common sense. The government and Australian health bodies are failing their own people – and they should be ashamed of themselves.”

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Brian Marlow , Campaign Director, Legalise Vaping Australia ,  +61 439 138 826