Sign the petition: Legalise Nicotine Vaping

52 Australians die every day from smoking. Nicoting vaping offers smokers a life-saving tool to quit -- but government officials are committed to keep such vaping illegal.

The president of the Australian Medical Association went so far as to say recently that "[vaping has] … no place to help people come off smoking as permanent habit."

Our supporters beg to differ. Here are just a few of their stories:

"I believe vaping is the easiest and most successful way to quit smoking for good. I myself have been smoke free for a couple of years now and have recently helped a friend who had been smoking for 45 years successfully quit. Vaping is a simple and highly effective way to kick the habit and I feel it should be legalised world wide."

- Aidan, from Brisbane


"I was a 30 cigarette a day smoker until I started Vaping. Now I’m saving around $200 a week and feeling a lot healthier."

- Scott, from Thurgoona

"My husband tried vaping as a means of quitting smoking and we are astounded at how well it worked. He has then been able to inspire others, including my mother who kicked a 40+ year smoking habit with vaping. I always feared they may not be around to see their children/grandchildren grow up but that fear is gone now that they have both given up cigarettes."

- Emily, from Melrose Park


If you support vaping to save lives in Australia, please add your name. It's time we changed this counterproductive law and put the health of Australians first.

Will you sign?

Will you sign?