Poll: Consumers want freedom to buy e-cigarettes

Poll: Consumers want freedom to buy e-cigarettes

A recent poll found that two-thirds of consumers surveyed believed people should have the freedom of choice to purchase e-cigarettes if they believe they are a lower health risk compared to conventional tobacco cigarettes.

Commissioned by the Consumer Choice Center and conducted by Kantar, the poll surveyed a total of 8,166 adult respondents from the UK, the US, Canada and Germany.

E-cigarettes are legal in all of these countries.

Two other important findings are that:

·        The substantial majority agree that banning the sale of e-cigarettes in some countries is an example of excessive restrictions on adult lifestyle choices

·        Seven in ten people agreed that if it is legal to buy cigarettes and tobacco in a country, then it should also be legal to buy e-cigarettes

While support for vaping in other developed countries is increasing, Australia has yet to steer away from its de facto ban on e-cigarettes.

To date, Legalise Vaping Australia, the leading advocacy group campaigning for nicotine vaping to be permitted across Australia, has over 16,000 members who support it.

Driving across the country in Vape Force One, we met with many supporters and listened to numerous first-hand accounts of how vaping has improved their health and livelihood.

Unfortunately, Aussie nicotine vapers can face a penalty of up to $45,000, or two years of imprisonment for using a less harmful product that is proven to help them quit smoking altogether.

It’s time that Australia caught up with the rest of the world and offered smokers the option of accessing smoke-free products to help them quit conventional cigarettes for good.