Media Alert: PHAA highlights the need to legalise and regulate, says leading vaping advocacy group

Vape advocacy organisation, Legalise Vaping Australia, today responded to a media release by Public Health Association Australia highlighting concerns about youth vaping rates in Australia.

Legalise Vaping Australia’s Campaign Director Brian Marlow stressed that concerns about vaping being a gateway to smoking by youths has been comprehensively debunked by Public Health England and in Australia by the CSIRO.

“While the myth that vaping is a gateway for youths has been completely debunked both here and in the UK, we do agree with the PHAA that strong regulation around vaping is needed. We believe that legalising vaping and including proper regulations around labelling, ingredients, device requirements and marketing framework will ensure vapes are not advertised to minors and adult smokers who make the switch to vapes will have access to a high-quality product.”



Brian Marlow , Campaign Director, Legalise Vaping Australia ,  +61 439 138 826


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