McKell Institute makes the case to end the ban on vaping

McKell Institute makes the case to end the ban on vaping

Progressive research organisation, The McKell Institute, has just published a report on the case for legalisation and risk-proportionate regulation of vaping in Australia.

Authored by Associate Professor Colin Mendelsohn and Dr Alex Wodak AM, the report makes the case for Australia to end the ban on vaping.

The comprehensive and clearly articulated report demonstrates just how far behind the rest of the world we are on this issue. It also states that smoke-free products like e-cigarettes should be regulated as a consumer good, not as a therapeutic, medicinal or tobacco product, which is what we and our community of supporters have been arguing for too.

Prior to making these recommendations, the report explores the social context of smoking, tobacco control and the costs of smoking. It then explores tobacco harm reduction, scientific research before debunking some of the commonly made arguments against regulating vaping.

It’s a great read and only about 30 pages long. We highly recommend taking a read if you have the time.