Legalise Vaping launches in Western Australia

Legalise Vaping launches in Western Australia

Legalise Vaping Australia is excited to announce our launch in Western Australia, with Aaron Stonehouse MLC as our WA spokesperson.

Mr Stonehouse has been in parliament for little over a year but has been a strong champion for the legalisation of nicotine vaping: life-saving technology that has helped millions of Americans and Europeans to quit smoking, and is actively endorsed as a safer alternative to smoking by independent health experts and public health agencies in the UK and elsewhere.

"Smoking-related illnesses claim over 19,000 Australian lives a year, yet our government refuses to follow international best practice by allowing Aussie smokers to access proven safer alternatives which could add decades to their lives," said Satya Marar, Director of Policy at Legalise Vaping Australia.

"Legalise Vaping has toured the Eastern states, and has heard from thousands of Australians about how vaping has changed their lives. Yet our state governments brand these people as criminals just for making a conscious decision about their own health. We're proud to bring our campaign to Western Australia where vapers can be fined up to $45,000 just for possessing nicotine liquid.

"Our goal in WA is to gather 50,000 signatures as part of a petition in support of the legalisation of vaping which Mr Stonehouse will present to Parliament by the end of 2018.

“We'll be asking Mr Stonehouse to get out on the streets and to speak with regular people, but also, to speak with the leaders of major and minor parties about expanding our coalition for change in WA."


Satyajeet 'Satya' Marar
Director of Policy - Legalise Vaping Australia 
0409 670 378