Is it harmful to vape?


The consumption of any product which contains nicotine is harmful. However, research by Public Health England has found vaping is up to 95 per cent less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

The reality is, people smoke for the nicotine but consume an estimate 7,000 other chemicals – including at least 70 carcinogens – from burning tobacco. On the other hand, vapes give smokers the nicotine and the flavour while exposing them to far fewer chemicals.

Vaping is also effective in reducing the impact of second-hand smoke. With second-hand smoke, bystanders, as well as a smokers’ family and children are exposed to the same chemicals as the smoker. Based on current research there is no health risk to bystanders from the by-products of vaping.

The current ban on vaping while allowing the consumption of cigarettes is akin to banning Diet Coke while allowing people to buy normal Coke or banning sunscreen while allowing sun-tan oil.

The best thing anyone can do for their health is to quit smoking, but vaping is a far less harmful alternative to smoking and is an effective way to help people give up cigarettes.