Exclusive poll shows WA voters overwhelmingly support vaping legalisation

Exclusive poll shows WA voters overwhelmingly support vaping legalisation


Exclusive poll shows WA voters overwhelmingly support vaping legalisation

A leading grassroots organisation, Legalise Vaping Australia, has today released polling that shows WA voters in the electorates of Fremantle and Perth overwhelmingly support the legalisation of nicotine vaping as a way to quit smoking.

You can see the full data for Fremantle HERE and Perth right HERE.

Latest figures reveal that:

  • In Perth and Fremantle, almost 70% of voters support the legalisation of vaping.
    • This includes 73.5% of Labor voters, 76.7% of Greens voters, and 62.2% of Minor Party or Undecided Voters.
  • Despite scientific evidence from Public Health England, nearly half of voters in Perth and Fremantle remain unaware that vaping is 95% safer than smoking.

Legalise Vaping Australia Policy Director, Satya Marar said:

“This polling clearly shows that the voters in the two WA by-elections overwhelmingly support the full legalisation of vaping. And why wouldn’t they? It’s a far safer alternative that has helped smokers all around the world quit tobacco once and for all. To oppose such a product is to ignore evidence. Hopefully the political parties who up until now have ignored the 250,000 strong Australian vaping community will now take notice and work to legalise vaping given the strong support”.

Mr Marar expressed serious concerns at the stat showing that almost half of those polled were not aware that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. “This is representative of a great failure by Australian health bodies who flat out refuse to educate Australians about how vaping can help smokers. Health bodies are meant to teach us all about the medical evidence on issues, yet when it comes to vaping and the smokers trying to find ways to quit, they turn a blind eye. It’s absolutely appalling.”

“In countries where nicotine vaping has been legalised, smoking rates have plummeted, because government’s overseas have educated smokers about the benefits of vaping and allowed them to make the switch. As an example, our closet neighbour New Zealand has seen smoking rates fall by a whopping 3% compared to our abysmal 0.2%. They have the legalisation of nicotine vaping to thank for that”.

In lite of these latest developments, Legalise Vaping Australia is calling on all political parties to look at the overwhelming evidence that nicotine vaping helps people quit, and look at the polling data which shows their voters strongly support legalisation.

Legalise Vaping Australia is committed to the legalisation of nicotine-containing e-cigarettes and personal vaporisers for one, clear reason: it helps people quit smoking.

“Vaping has got people off cigarettes in the EU, UK, US, Canada, New Zealand…. The list goes on. We hope Australia will follow suit, especially since we now know the voters are on side.” Mr Marar said.

Facts about Vaping:

For more information or to learn more about Legalise Vaping Australia, go to www.legalisevaping.com.au.

To download the full polling reports, for Fremantle click HERE and Perth click HERE.

Satya Marar , Policy Director, Legalise Vaping Australia, smarar@taxpayers.org.au  +61 0409 670 378