December Update

Legalise Vaping Australia December 2019 Update

As we near closer the end of 2019, we keep charging on with the fight to legalise vaping for Australians. 

We spent last week down in Canberra, knocking on the doors of MPs, talking to lawmakers about vaping.  After many meetings in Canberra with federal politicians and advocating for your right to vape, we're proud to say that soon we'll be rolling out something big for the entire Vaping community to get behind.

We can't go into specifics just yet but keep posted for an announcement soon!

Thanks to the support of Aussie vape shops all across the country and the donations from the vaping community, we spent a bit extra time in Canberra this time around. A huge thanks to Chris from SHOOZITECH for coming to meet MPs. Chris was able to give MPs a much needed vendor's insight into the Australian vaping scene.

In a media release, we backed Australian health experts, who called for the Chief Medical Officers' vaping advice to be urgently updated. “We now call upon the Chief Medical Officer to do the right thing, acknowledge the latest evidence from the CDC, listen to leading Australian harm reduction experts and urgently update the official health advice to reassure Australian vapers that there is no risk to using their usual e-liquids and to highlight the real dangers posed by black-market and unregulated liquids containing THC and Vitamin E oil," said our Campaign Manager, Brian Marlow. 

Down in Victoria, Davide Limbrick MP asked the Minister for Health about an alarming direction on the Health Victoria website telling people to contact police about the sale of e-cigarettes - even legal sales! The e-cigs section on the website has since been removed and the Minister has indicated it will be amended to clear up any misunderstandings. 

In the US, a new study analysing THC-containing vaping products provided more evidence linking a vitamin E derivative to an outbreak of lung illnesses that has sickened hundreds of people this year. It is so great that nicotine vaping has been given the all clear (even though we all knew that already!)

Some really significant new research funded by the British Heart Foundation shows the benefits on heart health of switching to vaping. You can read more here.  The study found switching from tobacco cigarettes to vaping improves blood vessel function within one month, in a study they say supports the use of electronic cigarettes as a tool to quit smoking.

In the US, President Trump backed away from a vaping flavour ban. The thing is that hundreds of thousands of former smokers were able to quit, using flavoured vapes, and Trump realised the power of vapers as a voting block. This gives further rise to #WeVapeWeVote (make sure you use that on social media).

They are the main highlights in what was a very busy month!

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