CSIRO report on vaping buries the good news for smokers and policymakers

CSIRO report on vaping buries the good news for smokers and policymakers

Vape advocacy organisation, Legalise Vaping Australia, today responded to the CSIRO’s literature review into e-cigarettes noting the CSIRO discovered many of the benefits offered by vaping only to bury them in their report.

Brian Marlow, Campaign Director for Legalise Vaping Australia was pleased to hear that the CSIRO had turned their attention to investigating the many benefits of vaping, however expressed concerns about how their conclusions were presented.

“Tucked away in this report are the positive details that policy makers are looking for. Details like multiple US studies showing that vaping with nicotine is three to eight times more effective at helping smokers quit than non-nicotine vaping,” said Mr Marlow. “This sort of information should be front and centre for policymakers.”

“Thankfully, the CSIRO has acknowledged the lack of evidence for the constantly debunked ‘gateway theory’ which suggests that e-cigarette use occurs concurrently with cigarettes and that vaping leads to cigarette smoking. This is a claim that our organisation and countless vapers, are well and truly tired of hearing. Unfortunately, again, this detail is only found in the weeds of the report.”

Fortunately the report recognised the reductions in carcinogenic compounds in vaping when compared to cigarettes, and advocated for the regulation of e-cigarettes which we fully agree with. At the end of the day, thousands of Australians are vaping and Australian vapers deserve to know that what they are getting has met minimum standards and is safe for them to use as an alternative to smoking. Despite this silver lining, the CSIRO are still disappointingly hesitant to endorse these alternatives as a lifesaving alternative for smokers.   

“This report was an opportunity for some upfront clarity on e-cigarettes and a chance to bring Australia into line with its international peers. Canada, the EU, New Zealand and the United States have all legalised these products and in some shape or form recognise they are less harmful.”

“We need action from policymakers to make these products available to smokers who want a safer alternative and regulation to address the concerns of the community,” said Mr Marlow.

“It’s now becoming absurd that our leaders are tiptoeing around the fact that these products are less harmful and are going to greater lengths to delay making a decision. We need to get on with the job lest our cultural neighbours start openly mocking how backwards our approach to harm reduction is.”



Brian Marlow , Campaign Director, Legalise Vaping Australia , bmarlow@taxpayers.org.au  +61 439 138 826 

For more information or to learn more about Legalise Vaping Australia, go to www.legalisevaping.com.au.

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