Brian Marlow appears at a WA State Inquiry

Brian Marlow appears at a WA State Inquiry

Today, Brian Marlow, Legalise Vaping Australia’s Campaign Director, appeared at the Western Australian State Parliamentary Inquiry on Personal Choice and Community Safety.

Brian spoke and responded to questions from the Committee for approximately 45 minutes.

He discussed a range of topics that highlighted both the widespread support for vaping within the community, as well as the absurdity of Australia’s current vaping ban.

Encouragingly, the Parliamentary Committee Members asked Brian to discuss the benefits to the community by legalising vaping, from both a quit smoking and economic perspective.

In addition, Brian was asked what kind of vape product regulation he would suggest. His response was:

Risk proportionate regulation similar to what is in NZ, regulations which allow vape shops to produce and sell products so long as they meet the right standards and come in the right containers, and some basic licensing. I think that’s a reasonable standard. An example of unreasonable regulation from NSW is that my local vape shop is required to be black out its windows. The owner can’t tell people about the different type of vapes or show them how to use it. Vape shop owners are treated far worse than tobacconists. 

Check out some audio of Brian via the following clips.

Clip 1: Brian Marlow describes the absurd laws for vape shop owners and vape users in Western Australia during the Select Committee into Personal Choice & Community Safety Inquiry. 


Clip 2: Brian Marlow describes some of the pitfalls Australian consumers experience when mixing their own nicotine e-liquids, and calls for legislation of vaping products. 


Clip 3: Brian Marlow reasons against Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) approval of e-cigarettes, drawing a comparison with reduced fat food products.


For WA supporters: If you'd like to have your say on how WA's restrictions on e-cigarettes and liquid nicotine impact you social or economically, let the Committee looking after the Inquiry into Personal Choice & Community Safety know at