As NZ innovates, Australia stagnates

As NZ innovates, Australia stagnates

Some fantastic news out of New Zealand today which just goes to show how far behind the rest of the world we are!

The NZ Government will soon be recommending vaping as a way for smokers to quit cigarettes, and will be promoted by their Ministry of Health as a safer alternative to cigarettes.

Indeed, a campaign will launch later in the year encouraging smokers to switch to vaping, and will be backed by a website offering information and tips on how to switch.

Meanwhile, here in the 'lucky country', governments of both stripes have committed to funding an anti-smoking advertising campaign should they be re-elected, yet offer no viable choice for smokers to help them quit.

Let's hope the next Australian Government comes to its senses and reviews the evidence which shows that vaping is both less harmful and an effective way to quit smoking altogether. We can only hope!